Qnexa’s Availability In Pharmacies – The FDA has recommended an approval for what could be a blockbuster weight loss pill which poses the question of Qnexa’s availability in pharmacies.

Qnexa's availability in pharmacies might be sooner than you think

The Food and Drug Administration Advisory Committee voted 20 to 2 in favor of launching this anti-obesity drug meaning Qnexa’s availability in pharmacies could come sooner than you may think.

Qnexa approval for weight loss will move forward now that FDA has recommended it

If there is an official Qnexa approval for weight loss, meaning not just a “recommendation,” this might be the first obesity drug launch in many years.

Availability in pharmacies Qnexa's

Though many pharmaceutical companies have attempted to get FDA approval for weight loss drugs,  this might mean when it’s available in pharmacies, Qnexa would be the first of about 20 NDA’s, or new drug applications, approved over the years.

Other compounds have failed to meet the FDA’s standards for safety and effectiveness. Safety has been the main concern because of potentially dangerous side effects including increased heart rate, arrhythmias, and heart attacks.

Since one-third of the U.S. currently has health issues related to obesity (high blood pressure and diabetes to name a few), clinicians have been hoping that a safe product becomes available to reduce these risks.

Qnexa studies suggest that patients can lose up to 10% of their body weight (combined with diet and exercise programs) which should help alleviate some of the chronic health concerns associated with obesity.

Doctors are extremely limited when it comes to treatment options and welcome an additional way their patients can lose excess poundage. When combined with increased exercise and an approved diet plan, patients should be pleased with the results over time.

Would you take a diet pill even though there has been problems associated with them in the past?

That’s the latest news concerning Qnexa’s Availability In Pharmacies.