Qnexa Weight Loss Drug Costs – There has not been a new prescription “diet” pill approved for years but we might be close, posing the question what will Qnexa weight loss drug costs really be?

Qnexa weight loss drug costs mean more than just dollars

There are two ways to look at this, one being the literal interpretation of Qnexa weight loss drug costs and then there is the cost of side effects.

Qnexa's anti-obesity availability is not known quite yet

An advisory panel has just “recommended” that this RX be approved, so many potential users want to know about Qnexa’s anti-obesity availability but first it has to be officially “approved” by the FDA. A recommendation does not necessarily mean an approval.

Qnexa costs weight loss drug

The actual dollar-amount costs for this new Qnexa weight loss drug is yet to be determined but some of the side effects are known. Apparently the benefits outweigh the risks if the advisory panel has recommended this potential new blockbuster.

Clinical trials showed that Qnexa patients lost nearly 10% of their overall weight after one year of use. Great news!

However, a main component of this drug is topiramate which is known to cause birth defects. There also have been reported increases of heart attacks and psychiatric problems with this anti-obesity pill.

As it stands, the advisory panel has passed this drug because they see the potential benefits trump the side effects. It’s a known fact that all drugs have “baggage” of some sort, side effects are nothing new.

Would you be willing to take this drug knowing that the FDA stressed that the manufacturer should be required to do a large, follow-up study after launch?
Personal injury lawyers might be taking a closer look at this one in the future. Frankly, they are out to sue every drug company they can because it’s all about the money!

That’s the latest hookup concerning Qnexa Weight Loss Drug Costs.