Paula Deens Diabetic Recipes – We all know that good old southern cooking means lots of fried everything, but Paula Deens diabetic recipes take the fatty stuff out and keep the flavor in.

Paula Deens diabetic recipes will help millions make proper cooking choices

Recently it was announced that the Food Network star was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2008, knowing this she incorporated healthier food choices and she’s committed sharing Paula Deens diabetic recipes to help those who also suffer from this disease.

Paula Deens diabetic desserts are yummy

Later we will share some of our favorites including Paula Deens diabetic desserts.

Diabetic recipes Paula Deens are lightening things up

When it comes to diabetic recipes, Paula Deens all about eating for health.

Who wouldn’t love to live on rib casseroles, buttery rolls and indulgent cake forever. Proof is “in the pudding” so to say in this case, and she’s paying the price.

Deen admits that her full of fat creations can and should be enjoyed “in moderation,” but she is now acutely aware of how she is responsible for being a role-model to loyal viewers.

A whopping nearly 9 percent of the population suffers from diabetes. More than three-quarters of those folks are overweight and obese. It’s been known for decades that weight loss is key to managing the disease and the best way to fight that is through a healthy diet program and exercise plan.

Known as the “Queen of Southern Cooking,” the Darling Deen wants everyone to know that she will be there for diabetes sufferers with her website advice “Diabetes In A New Light.”

She knows people will not quit eating, and she wants to bring something to the table. Just know that having diabetes does not prevent you from enjoying a wide variety of foods.

Deen will help followers know that they can have wonderful tasty foods that continue to offer a full life. Genetics, diet, lack of exercise, stress, age and race all play into the chances of getting diabetes.

Deen says those yummy fatty recipes still can be enjoyed, but it’s all about moderation. So, people have to be responsible and not over-indulge.

If you are interested in trying some of Paula’s diabetic recipes then go to her web site, “Diabetes in a New Light,” and catch those “recipes from Paula with a dash of inspiration.”

She includes:

  • Recipes for diabetes-friendly foods that everyone will love
  • Ideas to help you better manage your diabetes
  • Cooking tips from sons Bobby and Jamie
  • Ways to work with your doctor

There are so many wonderful diabetic recipes from Paula Deen, our favorite dessert is this light strawberry cake:

Strawberry Cake is easy to make

strawberry cream cheese frosting

Strawberry Cake cooking directions

Do you have any wonderful recipes that are low in fat and sugar that you would like to share?

That’s the latest healthy Hollywood hookup concerning Paula Deens Diabetic Recipes.